Your Bridal Boutique in Columbus

Alyssa and Alex's Villa Terrace Wedding Jake Rohde & Simon McConico Valo Photography info@valophotography.comChoosing the perfect wedding dress — the one that makes you look and feel better than you ever have in your life — is our passion. We opened our bridal boutique with love and we’re privileged to share in all of your beautiful moments – and your dreams for the future as you live them one by one.

A Family Affair

We’re Lesley O’Reilly and Jennifer Bartosek — and we’re sisters. We opened B. Loved Bridal here in Columbus, Ohio as a labor of love. Our commitment to you and the community is to bring the loveliest designer wedding gowns in the world together in one fabulous upscale boutique – and give you the best, most personalized service you’ve ever experienced.

Somewhere between the pure joy of selecting gorgeous wedding dresses and the nervousness of being full-fledged business owners, we realized that the journey of opening a bridal boutique in Columbus, Ohio, has been a lot like planning a wedding.

Weddings are family affairs, rites of passages. A bride and groom establish their signature look as they make a commitment to become husband and wife. We want to help you create your own unique look – not just any dress will do.

The Perfect Dress at the Perfect Price Point

Your wedding gown sets the stage for the everything that follows. Selecting the right wedding gown is part of the ritual. Our mission is to guide you in finding the perfect dress at the perfect price point. Moving from sisters to business partners has exposed us to one another in a startlingly real way. Like an engagement and subsequent marriage, couples’ strengths and weaknesses are quickly highlighted by navigating challenging phases together. Supporting other entrepreneurs and small businesses whom we truly value has been one of the most rewarding aspects of opening a bridal boutique in Columbus, Ohio.

Through it all, we’ve learned that you must learn to take advantage of each other’s individual gifts, and how to support each other in his/her weaknesses – picking up where your partner’s comfort zone ends.

And, we so offer you our gifts. We can’t wait to share in your journey.

B. Loved Bridal is by appointment only. Please make an appointment here on our site and we’ll call you to set up the perfect time to meet. When you arrive, we’ll guide you through the entire appointment. Start to finish. You deserve a flawless wedding dress shopping experience.