Ultimate List of Things to Have at a Wedding

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Achieve the perfect wedding by sticking to the ultimate list of things to do at a wedding.

Ultimate List of Things to Have on a Wedding

Having a wedding plan is the only way to get things done at your wedding. Even professional wedding planners must have a list that will ensure they do not overlook anything. Regardless, of your budget, there are a few essential things that you should have on your wedding.


1) Hair accessory: Choose your desired bridal veil way before the wedding. This will help you know exactly what you want to wear. Try it on several times and take photos with it. This allows you to know if it is what you want on your head during your wedding.

2) Jewelry: Consider buying your jewelry a few months before the wedding to have a better picture of the type of jewelry that is best for you.

3) Bridal Emergency Kit: Buy emergency kits as a safety precaution hoping you will not need to use it on your wedding day.

4) Lingerie: You can buy lingerie from a bridal shop, for those private moments with your partner after the wedding.

5) Bridal Garter: Garters are often sold in pairs so that one is kept and another discarded.

6) Bridal Shoes: Designer bridal shoes are a must-have for every woman. Designer Bridal shoes are available in many varieties to cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets.

7) Garment Bag: You may have to transport your gown to the ceremony for it to be in perfect shape as you walk down the aisle. Purchase a good garment bag for this.

Wedding Ceremony Décor

8) Wedding venue direction: Give directions to your wedding venue in advance so that your guests know exactly where to go for the ceremony.

9) Welcome sign: Either buy or create welcome signs in advance to avoid last minute rush and confusion.

10) Easels for signs: Easels are useful for all signs. These include menus, seating charts or welcome signs. They are also ideal for the wedding reception.

11) Family reserved seating signs: you must make front seat reservations for family members. Estimate and create reserved seating signs for your family before your big day.

12) Aisle chair décor: Adding a little décor to the aisle can enhance the wedding theme and overall look of the wedding venue.

Planning a wedding can be challenging and time consuming. However, having a checklist can help you not to forget important things to have on a wedding. Visit a bridal boutique and choose unique accessories and for your wedding.

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