The Role of a Maid or Matron of Honor in a Wedding

How to Be the Perfect Maid or Matron of Honor

If you have been asked to be a maid or matron of honor for a bride in the Columbus area, congratulations! You are someone the bride holds in great esteem. Though this is certainly a wonderful designation, you also have responsibilities. For example, you are in charge of the rest of the bridal party, and you are the “go-to” person for the bridal shower. Here are several more duties of a matron or maid of honor in Columbus.

Wedding Dresses Galore

One of the primary duties of the maid or matron of honor is to help with all of the dresses. It is your job to make sure the bridal party has the right dresses, for instance. You also have to make sure they have the correct jewelry and shoes. Additionally, of course, you should accompany the bride when she goes shopping for wedding dresses in Columbus.

The Ultimate Party Planner

It is also the duty of the matron or maid of honor to help or host the bridal shower. She is also responsible for attending any other pre-wedding party. This might include an engagement party or rehearsal dinner. It is also your duty to plan the bachelorette party. Remember, this is a party for the bride, so keep her in mind as you plan.

Other Duties of a Maid or Matron of Honor

Finally, there are other duties that you might undertake as maid or matron of honor. These include holding the groom’s ring during the ceremony and helping to keep the bride’s nerves under control. After the wedding, it is also traditional for the maid or matron of honor to help the bride change her outfit for the honeymoon and to keep her dress safe until she arrives home.

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