The Best Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Brides

Flattering Wedding Gowns for Pregnant Brides

If you don’t have tons of money in the bank, finding the perfect wedding dress when you’re pregnant can be extremely difficult. Not only do you have to plan a wedding while you’re well into your pregnancy, but you have to look for a gown without the help of an expert tailor. This article will not only give pregnant brides tips for finding the perfect dress for your big day, but it can also show you wedding dresses in Columbus that will flatter your growing figure.

The Importance of Silhouette for Pregnant Brides

Pregnancy is a blessed event. But if you want to hide your bump, choose an off the shoulder empire waist dress with a tulle or lace overlay. The empire waist dress will call attention to your torso. This type of dress will also take the attention away from your bottom half. For those brides who want to flaunt that baby bump, pick a wedding dress that allows for comfort, movement, and softness. You will also need a silhouette that will allow you to size up in the time between your first fitting and the day of the ceremony.

Learn About Different Fabrics

Choosing the fabrics for your maternity wedding gown can make all the difference when it comes to feel and comfort. You will want to pick fabrics that won’t restrict your growing tummy. Some of the best fabrics for maternity wedding gowns include chiffon and tulle. You might also want to consider stretch fabrics such as jersey or crepe.

Corsets and Panels

If your maternity dress is too tight at your final fitting, corsets and panels can serve as a quick fix. Your seamstress can get the fabric that’s identical to your gown and use it to fix the problem. The seamstress can add a panel in the gown’s closure and close the gown with a corset. This solution will not only give you some much needed growing room, but it can also cinch in your waist.

Pregnant brides may have a harder time looking for a wedding gown. But this task is not exactly mission impossible. Once you know what to look for and you get a good seamstress in your corner, you can also have the wedding gown of your dreams.

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