Popular Wedding Dress Styles for the Modern Bride

Your wedding day is your day to shine and captivate your guests with a beautiful wedding gown. Many of today’s brides are opting to add more non-traditional elements to their bridal attire.

Make a Statement with a Trendy Gown

If you’re looking for a chic ensemble to make your way down the aisle, consider choosing styles from the latest trends in wedding gowns. Many new brides are opting for more non-traditional, yet stylish dresses. It gives the bride the chance to make a bold statement while captivating the audience. Here are a few of the popular wedding dress trends.

Rhinestone Encrusted Bodice with a Full Skirt

By adding the extra bling, you can wow your guests with this trendy style. The rhinestones help to spice up a simple and traditional gown, which makes the dress more eye-catching. The full skirt adds a more sophisticated and elegant feel to the dress.

Pink Wedding Dress Styles

If you want to get away from the conventional white wedding dress and choose a different color, consider wearing pink. Pink gowns give off a very feminine and classy look. The rose pink dresses are popular with today’s brides. You’ll find that many top designers have pink wedding dresses in their latest collections.

Ombre Wedding Gowns

When you want to make a stylish statement and showcase a popular modern trend, a wedding dress with ombre details may be perfect for your big day. The ombre wedding dress starts with a lighter color and darkens towards the middle and bottom. It looks like the dress has been dip dyed in color. You can choose from a variety of beautiful colors, like blue, pink, yellow, purple or turquoise.

Sheer Wedding Dresses

A sheer wedding gown provides a romantic touch to the whole ensemble. Designers offer styles of sheer dresses with a variety of unique details, from dramatic see-through with rhinestone embellishments to high splits, layers of sheer tulle and backless sheer A-line gowns.

Finding the Perfect Gown for Your Big Day

You can visit bridal stores in Columbus to try own different kinds of wedding dresses. You may have an idea of the style and patterns that you want. If you’re unsure of which dress is right for you, a bridal consultant can help you pick and choose from a variety of wedding dress collections.

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