How to Choose the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding Day

After you fall in love with your dream wedding dress, you need to focus on finding the perfect wedding shoes to complete your bridal wardrobe. In addition to finding a style that looks gorgeous, you should select bridal shoes that are appropriate for your wedding venue and allow you to walk in comfort.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

When it comes time to complete your bridal look, you need to select the ideal bridal footwear that makes you feel as good as your bridal heels. There are special considerations that go into choosing the right shoes for your wedding day that take into account your travel for the day as well as your personal style.

Make Sure that Your Shoes are Compatible with Your Venue

After you select the perfect wedding dress in Columbus from B. Loved Bridal, you need to start thinking about the perfect shoes to match. Remember that your venue should be taken into account when you are shopping for footwear. If you are going to have an outdoor wedding on a farm, then spike heels will not make for easy walking to your ceremony. In this case, a wedge option might be a better choice for walking.

Have a Backup Plan

A contingency plan for your footwear is most important if you are planning an outdoor wedding. In the event of rain, you should have a pair of rain boots prepared so that you can walk outside without ruining your bridal heels. Once you make it under cover, you can simply change into your fancy heels without a problem. In addition, if you plan on wearing high heels, you may want to have an alternate, more comfortable pair of shoes ready for the reception. Be mindful of how this could affect the hem of your wedding dress. If your second pair of shoes is flatter, you do not want to trip over a hem that is too long.

Coordinate with Your Dress Hem

If you have chosen a dress where your shoes will be visible, make sure that the color and style of the shoes coordinate with the dress. Wedges may appear too clunky.

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