B. Loved Bridal Boutique owners and sisters, Jennifer and Lesley

From sisters to business partners

How opening a bridal boutique in Columbus, Ohio, was like planning a wedding

Somewhere between the pure joy of selecting gorgeous wedding dresses and the thrill-slash-nervousness of being honest-to-goodness business owners, we realized that the journey of opening a bridal boutique in Columbus, Ohio, has been a lot like planning a wedding.

Through the emotional mountains and valleys, whether putting on a ring or signing on the dotted line, becoming partners is a life-changing commitment.

And we’re pretty big on commitment.

Setting the date.

Signing the lease felt as pivotal as setting a wedding date. It said: You’re on the road. There’s no turning back. This is real.

It was even comparable to choosing a venue. You’re trying to get a fair price and a great space. You’re signing contracts, asking questions you’ve never asked before (“How many people can you squeeze in here without breaking any fire codes? What does a square foot really look like?”) and walking around various empty rooms mumbling things like, “Nice lighting,” and, “Handicap accessible…”

Picking the dress.

We’ve had just as much fun choosing our designers and dresses as you will have trying them on. Like you, we care about fit and attention to detail.

That’s why we’re in the business of finding hidden gems; unique wedding dresses designed by coveted and unknown designers alike, who care about dress construction and sourcing awe-inspiring materials. We’re beside ourselves with the anticipation of bringing up-and-coming names to Columbus.

Doing it for yourself.

There comes a point in every bride’s wedding planning process when she has to make a decision for herself, and forget what everyone else expects. It’s a freeing moment.

At B.Loved, we’ve found freedom in hand-picking who we’ll work with. Supporting other entrepreneurs and small businesses whom we truly value has been one of the most rewarding aspects of opening a bridal boutique in Columbus, Ohio.

Getting to know your partner. Like, really know.

Moving from sisters to business partners has exposed us to one another in a startlingly real way. Like an engagement and subsequent marriage, couples’ strengths and weaknesses are quickly highlighted by navigating challenging phases together.

You must learn to take advantage of each other’s individual gifts, and how to support each other in their weaknesses—picking up where your partner’s comfort zone ends.

‘Til death do us part.

Once the initial and all-consuming excitement ebbs, you begin to discover just how many details still need to be figured out.

Signing the operating agreement was one of the most nail-biting steps toward opening our doors. Saying “forever” makes you ask the hard questions about yourself and your partner, what you want, your goals and aspirations, and what you want to put into the world.

This is the person you’re in it with for the long haul. This is a forever deal.

The name change.

Like any engaged couple, we’ve had our bumps in the road. Incorporating ourselves as an LLC and going through the mumbojumbo of legalities was definitely a teachable moment for us—and just goes to show that changing your name is a pain whether it’s personal or business.

Family first.

The support we’ve received from our family has been incredibly humbling, exciting and motivating. Our family and friends only want to see us successful and happy, just like yours do.

Like a marriage, this business has never been about just two people. Opening a bridal boutique in Columbus has been a labor of love from our entire family—making us work even harder not just for ourselves, but for them.
And now, we can’t wait for you, our guests, to share in our journey.

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