Emergency Fashion Fixes for Your Wedding Day

Once you have picked out the designer dress of your dreams, you need to be ready for whatever emergencies are thrown your way on your big day. With these simple fixes, you will have everything you need in case of a bridal fashion emergency.

Bridal Fashion Fixes for Your Wedding Day

On the day of your wedding, you want to be prepared for any mishap that comes your way. A makeup mark on your dress or shoes that are causing blisters are no problem as long as you have these easy dress fixes on hand. An ounce of prevention is certainly worth at least a pound of cure when it comes to making sure that your designer wedding dress in Columbus is in perfect condition.

Bring Deodorant Wipes for Chalky Messes

Even if you think that you are safe in a white dress, it is always better to have these handy wipes on hand to protect your bridal gown. Your bridesmaids will also thank you for thinking of this extra lifesaver. You may not want to get any water on dresses if you notice a chalky deodorant mark, so deodorant wipes could prevent a huge headache in the nick of time.

Be Prepared for Makeup Marks

Even if you try your best to shield your bridal gown from makeup marks, accidents always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time. You will not have to panic about a stray makeup mark on your dream dress as long as you have these fashion fixes ready. White makeup sponges are your first line of defense in cleaning up a makeup mark. Q-tips and baby wipes are other necessities. Keep a liquid bottle of makeup remover to dispense in a small amount for any spots on your dress.

White Adhesive Tape Works Wonders

If you have a hem that has fallen out or need to guard your heel against blisters, white adhesive tape will come to your rescue. You should also have a pair of small scissors on hand to cut it. Make sure to choose the brand that is resistant to sweat.

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