Designer Wedding Dresses in Columbus

beautiful-designer-bridal-dresses-in-Columbus-OhioAt B. Loved, each one of our bridal designers and designer wedding dresses are handpicked and curated to make sure that your “white dress moment” is exactly as you’ve envisioned it. B. Loved is unlike any bridal boutique you’ve visited.

Some of the top name designers we feature (and love) include:

  • Anna Campbell
  • Ti Adora
  • Karen Willis Holmes
  • Made With Love
  • YolanCris
  • Tara Lauren
  • Alyssa Kristin
  • Atelier Pronovias
  • And more…

We use our background in fashion to choose exquisite gowns that cover the spectrum – from formal, to bohemian, to classic, to sophisticated, to casual. Whether you’re a minimalist or a romantic, to name a few styles, we’ll have just the right gown that suits your precise taste and sense of beauty.

Take a peek at our wedding portfolio to see some of their latest bridal creations from destinations across the globe, including: The United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and more.

Join us, too, for the special trunk sales we have each month, featuring bridal dresses from bridal designers like Limor Rosen, Daalarna, and more.

Envisioning Your Most Perfect Moment

The day you choose your wedding dress is truly a day of glory. We want it to rank up there as one of the best days of your life, outside of your wedding day, of course!

  • Picture yourself coming down the aisle. What do you look like? Take in all the details.
  • Exactly how do you feel about your fiance? Revel in it.

We like to help you capture those glimpses and feelings, using them to guide the selection of your gown. We’ll discuss your specific desires and needs so that when you’re standing there in the perfect dress in front of the full-length mirror, speechless, you’ll only be able to smile, and whisper, “Wow!”

Your Wedding Gown Makes It Real

We want you to know… Just because we carry some of the most sought-after wedding dress designers in the world, doesn’t mean we’re stuffy. Just the opposite. We’ve been told that we’re the friendliest two wedding dress consultants you’ll ever meet. Our pledge to help make your big day all you’ve ever imagined is genuine.

As we say, choosing a wedding dress is an “honest, slice-of-life moment.” It makes your engagement feel real, and you suddenly realize it’s really happening.

We’re honored to part of the this unforgettable time in your life.

B. Loved Bridal is by appointment only. Please make an appointment here on our site and we’ll call you to set up the perfect time to meet. When you arrive, we’ll guide you through the entire appointment. Start to finish. You deserve a flawless wedding dress shopping experience.