Becoming the Standout Bride of the Year

Every woman wants to feel like she stands out as a beautiful bride, and that involves finding the perfect dress. Consider these tips to be the most original bride of them all.

Finding a Unique Wedding Dress

It doesn’t get much worse than showing up to an event and seeing that someone else is wearing the same dress as you. Granted, this type of scenario is unlikely at a wedding since the bride should be the only one in a white gown. However, it’s not fun to see other people in your exact same wedding dress in other pictures. All of a sudden, a really gorgeous gown turns into something generic and off-the-rack. Thankfully, there are a few ways to avoid this fiasco.

Take Notes From Larger Chains

Avoid shopping at the bridal shops that are part of a larger chain. This move alone will weed out the chances of you running into someone with your dress. If you’d like to, feel free to visit these larger stores to see what styles are on display and are most popular. Once you see which ones are the hottest, avoid those altogether. If sleeveless is in, try to find something with cap sleeves. Just go in a different direction when it comes to design and style.

Visit Bridal Boutiques

Bridal boutiques normally have higher-end, designer dresses. These dresses aren’t exactly haute couture, but they’re a lot closer to being unique while still in the public eye. Be open to trying on different dresses that you wouldn’t normally think to pick up. Many bridal boutiques extend the courtesy of offering a personal shopper to help guide you through the different options. Having a professional eye who sees wedding dresses in Columbus every day will help you get a better perspective on how to stand out among the other brides.

Make It Your Own

Even after purchasing a wedding dress from a bridal boutique, there’s a possibility that someone will still have the same dress in another wedding picture. The key is to remember that you can make your dress unique by the way you accessorize it and the confidence you wear it with. These elements can help a dress look completely different on one woman versus another. So, remember to style it well and make sure it complements your body frame. Once all those elements are in order, you’ll have no problem standing out as the most unique and memorable bride of the year.

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