A Quick Guide to Wedding Dress Fabrics

When choosing a wedding dress, fabric can make all the difference. To ensure that you choose the perfect dress, consider fabric weight, texture, and feel.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are made from a wide array of fabric, ranging from charmeuse to satin. When confronted with so many options, making a decision can be tricky. Choosing a fabric depends on your chosen silhouette and your wedding day needs. A beach wedding will require a lighter fabric than a winter wedding, and an A-line dress takes on different dimensions when it’s made out of brocade. Armed with a bit of knowledge, however, you can walk into your local bridal boutique ready to find the perfect dress.

Fabric Weight

When choosing wedding dress fabric, weight is one of the most important considerations. It impacts aesthetics as well as comfort. If you’re searching for something light and airy, consider chiffon or tulle. These thin, gauzy fabrics are perfect for ethereal looks and beach weddings. For something a little sturdier, try an organza wedding dress. This fabric is one of the most popular wedding dress options thanks to its lovely sheer effect. For winter weddings, consider a taffeta and satin wedding dress. These slightly thicker fabrics add a bit of warmth without sacrificing glamour.

Textural Elements

A discussion of wedding dress fabrics wouldn’t be complete without a mention of lace. Lace has long been a bridal mainstay, and this beautiful fabric option provides dresses with visual interest. When combined with a vintage silhouette, lace creates an Old Hollywood atmosphere. When coupled with a sultry silhouette, a lace wedding dress can look positively glamorous.

Don’t Be Afraid to Touch

For many brides, their wedding gown is the most important dress they’ll ever buy. That’s why it’s important to get it right. Don’t settle for a fabric you don’t love. To get a better understanding of the available options, take a trip to a boutique. Try on a gabardine dress and a ballgown made of organza. Feel the difference between satin and silk. Purchasing a dress online robs brides of the opportunity to experience the way the various fabric options feel. Before you decide on a dress, make sure you decide which fabric type best suits your big day.

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